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Probably the most frustrating part of what I do as a self employed accountant is having to turn down accounting projects when clients contact me because I am obligated to complete the current project I am working on. However, I don't even think twice about abandoning one client for in favor of a better offer - as stated in my profile, I have a reputation for completing what I commit to do, and as long as I maintain that standard, I will continue to attract quality clients. Even so, I can't count the number of times I have committed to to do a project with one client, only to shortly thereafter receive a call or an email from another potential client needing accounting help.  Oftentimes, the work I end up turning down is more attractive than the job I have committed to in terms of the type of work to be done, proximity to my office or compensation.


On the other side of the coin, there have also been numerous times when after having spent two weeks or two months to complete a client's project, (and having done zero marketing while working on that project), I find myself with no new projects immediately forthcoming.  This is when I spend time contacting potential new clients and marketing my services.  One result of those efforts is this website, which received an unprecedented number of hits today, which in turn results in the fact that I am now receiving more inquiries for accounting services than I can handle.


Therefore, if you are an independent accounting professional, I may be willing to refer you to potential clients, provided that you can meet certain basic criteria. There is currently strong demand for all level of accounting services not only in taxation but also from bookkeeping and account reconciliations to audits and SOX compliance. Also, I have some ideas regarding the creation of a network of Independent Accounting Professionals whereby we will be able to provide referrals to each other during those times when we are unable to respond to a potential client's request due to currently being committed on a project - i.e., those times when it is not practical to do two (or more) consulting projects simultaneously.


By working together, I believe we can achieve several important goals:

  • Become pro-active in responding to a potential clients' needs when we may not otherwise be able to.

  • Minimize the non-billable downtime associated with finding and attracting new clients.

  • Maximize billable client hours.

If this concept is of interest to and you would like to explore this further, please send a copy of your resume to me at with "Resume Submission" in the subject line.  I will make every attempt to respond to you with one day.  If you prefer your resume in pdf format, you can convert to pdf at no cost here ->



Thank you & have a great day!



March 17,  2009



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