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Interim Accounting Solutions is an accounting based management consulting firm. The following outline of our operational structure is helpful in evaluating the types of services we offer and the extent to which we can provide support to help your company. Essentially, our business comprises three distinct divisions:


Interim Controller Services - utilizing a team approach to accounting management, we provide controller level and related services on site at the client's facility, in these principal situations:


            For an established company that is temporarily without the services of a full time controller or is in need of short term, competent, experienced support.


            For an emerging company that is in need of professional accounting and financial operations support but is not quite ready for a full time employee.


As accounting professionals, we do the work, producing a tangible product that results in added value to your organization, as well as documenting and analyzing the processes involved, identifying problems, recommending alternative solutions, and participating in (or directing) the implementation of those identified solutions.


Management Accounting Services - is designed to be "higher level bookkeeping" in that in addition to preparing your financial statements, we work with your company to make sure that you understand what your financial system is reporting to you and to ensure that the system is right for your business, has integrity, controls, is accurate and timely.


Special Projects - These activities comprise a number of services that we provide to our clients, some of which are listed below:


            Accounting systems implementation and conversion - to establish a more effective computerized accounting system at a client's facility.


            Year end audit support - working as a team with your internal staff and auditing firm, we provide valuable support for clients preparing for their annual audit.


            Reconstruction of accounts - to "square the balances" of subsidiary ledgers to the general ledger, in order to help withstand the test of an independent audit.        


            Non-statutory debt restructuring - involved helping a company with a viable future to affect an "arrangement" with its unsecured creditors, thus helping to avoid formal bankruptcy proceedings.


           Provide investigative accounting services to members of the legal profession as well as interpretation of complex accounting pronouncements and terminology. 


A principal associate of Interim Accounting Solutions Michael J. Craig. Mr. Craig, who was licensed as a Certified Public Accountant in 1984, has more than twenty years experience in accounting and business financial management, including significant experience functioning in corporate treasury and chief financial officer positions.

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